Frequently Asked Questions

Do we accept all insurances?

Yes we accept all insurances! We accept both primary as well as secondary insurances. With Direct Access MD doctors becoming more commonplace, we also have self-pay prices for patients who prefer that method, or for patients without insurance.

Do we do insurance authorization for the referring physicians offices?

Yes we do all insurance authorizations for the referring physicians office. We just require the most recent doctors note and our staff will be able to pre authorize for the procedures.

Are we a accredited facility?

Our facility is accredited through Anderson College of Radiology Certification (ACR).

Do I have to be inside a tunnel for a CT Scan?

No, we know a lot of our patients have the fear of being confined inside of a machine for a test, but no worries. Our CT machine is not totally enclosed, it is more like going through the hole of a donut.

Can I eat or drink before a procedure? 

The answer to that question depends upon what procedure you are having, of course, but rest assured that all of our patients are called the day prior to their appointment, and any preparations you need to take will be made known at that time.

How long will it take for my doctor to receive the report on the X-Ray, CT, or Ultrasound he or she ordered?

Typically the reports are read and faxed to your referring physician prior to the end of the business day. Rest assured that all of the reports are faxed to the referring provider as soon as they are read.

Will I be provided a disc with the images from my CT scan or Ultrasound?

If your doctor is requesting that you bring images of your most recent scan to your next appointment, simply let our technician know prior to your procedure. We can usually give you a disc with your images before you even leave the office.